Maintaining Your Green

October 23, 2008

Your Southwest Green requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking and playing at optimal level.  Here are a few tips to ensure longevity of the surface:

Blow off debris (small rocks, leaves, dust, etc.) with a lawn blower at waist level.  This is the best way to remove almost any kind of debris.  We do not recommend using high-pressure water to move debris as it can cause shifting of the sand fill that can result in an uneven rolling surface.

Watering with a hose (medium spray) can be helpful to loosen dust layers, remove unwanted stains and brighten the color of the green.

Any non-colored weed killer can be sprayed directly on the turf to control undergrowth.

Any other maintenance issues should be directed to our office to schedule a more detailed service.  A complete maintenance done by us will include cleaning, re-top dressing, rolling the green and touch up of the fringe.  Any areas around the cups will be addressed as well.  This service is offered at a reasonable rate.