Every so often during my visits to potential clients, I hear feedback that companies trying to compete with Southwest Greens of Ohio like to slam our green surfaces for requiring maintenance.

That’s like telling someone not to buy a Cadillac because you will have to change your oil every so often!

The truth is any residential green will require some attention to keep it performing at the highest levels.  At Southwest Greens of Ohio, we believe our maintenance program is integral to keeping our clients satisfied and happy with the investment they have made in their backyards.  We also feel that having our clients know we are invested in the long term, not just the installation phase, confirms our commitment to them and the products we employ.

We know you love your golf!  We do, too!  Isn’t it nice to know someone like that has “got your back?

“No Maintenance” Nylon Green


This green, unfortunately, has to be replaced due to lack of care…

Our pros are on the job for you…

Southwest Greens of Ohio Maintenance Vehicle

…so your green stays looking like this:


Maintaining Your Green

October 23, 2008

Your Southwest Green requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking and playing at optimal level.  Here are a few tips to ensure longevity of the surface:

Blow off debris (small rocks, leaves, dust, etc.) with a lawn blower at waist level.  This is the best way to remove almost any kind of debris.  We do not recommend using high-pressure water to move debris as it can cause shifting of the sand fill that can result in an uneven rolling surface.

Watering with a hose (medium spray) can be helpful to loosen dust layers, remove unwanted stains and brighten the color of the green.

Any non-colored weed killer can be sprayed directly on the turf to control undergrowth.

Any other maintenance issues should be directed to our office to schedule a more detailed service.  A complete maintenance done by us will include cleaning, re-top dressing, rolling the green and touch up of the fringe.  Any areas around the cups will be addressed as well.  This service is offered at a reasonable rate.